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FAQ: Basemaps not aligning with your vectors?

Are you an ArcGIS for Windows Mobile user who has been experiencing problems with the simple task of zooming? If you are then you are not alone, there are a few that have been experiencing these problems and there is a simple fix.

Firstly the background to the problem.

What some have been experiencing is when zooming in and out or panning using ArcGIS for Windows Mobile both operational layers and basemaps have been displaying a shift.

Initially all is fine with vectors and basemaps aligning but as the user zooms and pans and the map the basemaps no longer align with the vectors.

This is the case for all users but has been reported by some Panasonic and Motion tablet users.

Now for the simple fix.

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A Bit More on ArcGIS Runtime (for Windows and Linux)

Although there has been a great blog on this subject already (see:  http://esriaustralia.wordpress.com/2011/02/17/the-new-arcgis-runtime/ ) there still seems to be a bit of confusion over what the ArcGIS Runtime actually is and what you can do with it. First of all ArcGIS Runtime is actually a series of 6 runtimes, each based on a specific platform. These cover IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Windows and Linux. So we have 4 runtimes for mobile and 2 runtimes for ArcGIS Desktop. When people refer to the “New ArcGIS Runtime”, most are referring to the Desktop version(s) and this is where I will focus this blog.

So what is it for?

ArcGIS Runtime will enable developers to build custom applications that can be easily distributed to users. Such applications may be required to deliver custom interfaces and/or automate of a set of tasks . Additionally there is a LOT of functionality within ArcGIS Desktop, but most users use only a fraction of it. Being able to strip out unrequired buttons, menus and the underlying code, libraries etc is a big bonus. Not only does this make an application more intuitive and streamlined, it also has the potential to reduce the size of the installation footprint and decrease licensing costs. Continue reading

Ozri Update: A Mobile Enterprise

Today Phil and I presented ArcGIS Mobile and its place within an enterprise system. The audience saw how easy ArcGIS Mobile is to use on a mobile device for non savvy GIS staff and let’s face it, that’s what it’s designed for. We also demystified the complexities of enterprise systems but importantly how ArcGIS Mobile is disseminated into other systems within a business using one map and many applications.

Our example drew from a tree company who is contracted by a Utility company to check and maintain trees that are affecting the utility network. Because we were contracted by a Utility company, we needed to disseminate the data we captured into the Utility company’s IT infrastructure. So we showed how this ‘sharing’ of information can be done and the important place ArcGIS Mobile had in the Enterprise system.

Bye for now!

Chris G.

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