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ArcGIS Velocity & Live Waze Data

The Waze for Cities program provides Local Government Authorities and Transport departments access to real-time, anonymous incident and slow-down information direct from drivers. It is a free, two-way data exchange partnership, empowering the public sector with improved situational awareness, comminucation with drivers and assists with infrastructure planning.

ArcGIS Velocity allows you to ingest the Waze feed and use if for incident detection, response and pattern analysis workflows.

Some examples of how this feed could be used:

  • Generate customer request for reported potholes, abandoned cars and illegal dumping.
  • Weekly ‘Top 5’ traffic hotspot areas in your Local Government Area
  • Road closure alerts – this feed from Waze was used during/after the 2019/20 bushfires
  • Level crossing removal – how has the traffic changed before/during/after these projects
  • Notifcations if crashes are reported near vital facilities
Using batch analytic in Velocity to create a scheduled ‘Waze Rate’ on a road network
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Using Google Analytics with your ArcGIS StoryMaps and Configurable Web Apps

Do you want to measure how well your ArcGIS StoryMaps or Web Apps are performing? Who’s using them, where they’re from or how long they’re viewing them for?

We can now use Google Analytics to track our Configurable Web Apps and ArcGIS StoryMaps.

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