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FAQ: Can a feature service reference data from multiple data sources?

Data published as a feature layer must reference a single source geodatabase or database. You cannot publish data from more than one database connection in a single map.

In ArcGIS Pro, if you were to publish the data in a map as a map image and feature layer and there are multiple data sources referenced in the map you will get an error: ‘00062: Map contains data that does not use the same connection to an enterprise geodatabase’.

Web feature layers associated with a map image layer require that all layers and stand-alone tables in the service reference an enterprise geodatabase or a standard enterprise database using a single connection.

Data published only as a map service can come from multiple data sources. While it is possible to enable feature access on a map service after publishing, only the layers from a single data source referenced by the feature service would be accessible.

The requirement is further reiterated in the ArcGIS help documentation referenced from: https://enterprise.arcgis.com/en/server/latest/publish-services/windows/prepare-data-for-feature-services.htm

Sam P.

Check and repair the geometry for features in an Enterprise geodatabase.

ArcGIS applications are built with the assumption that the feature’s geometry follows certain specifications. When the processing algorithms encounter data that does not follow the specifications, the software can perform poorly, generate errors, crash, or the operation may succeed without an apparent problem but generate incorrect results.

Repair Geometry Geoprocessing tool

The Repair Geometry tool inspects each feature in a feature class for problems with its geometry. Upon discovery of a problem, a fix will be applied, and a one-line description will identify the feature, as well as the geometry problem that was fixed.

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