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The role of training in the success of your ArcGIS platform adoption

There are many definition of GIS, however the most widely used is the one depicted below. I like this definition due to its simplicity but also because it allows to quickly explain what are the main components of a GIS and to point out the implications that each component has in the success of a GIS deployment.

The image define GIS by its five principal components:  data, software, procedures, hardware and the most important one, the user, the group of people that have the knowledge and expertise to operate the system to support the organization’s operations and to adapt it when changes in the business needs occur.

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ESRI Global Content – How to Publish a Mosaic Dataset to ArcGIS Server

This blog aims to highlight the fact that ESRI Australia staff are actively contributing to the content of the main ESRI Inc (US) web site, as well as our own. In fact ESRI Inc is pushing for all local distributors, across the globe to ramp up the amount of  ‘ESRI Global Content’ they submit.

Well, here is a link to our first contribution (of many…) to get the official sign off: http://support.esri.com/en/knowledgebase/techarticles/detail/39660.

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