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Let’s Talk About Labels

As map makers we use maps as a medium to convey and inform information to our readers, a pivotal part of our workflow is labeling our maps to help us.

By looking at the map below, I think we could use some better labeling and positioning make locating features easier. The labels for a few of the cities such as Darwin and Birdum are difficult to read as the boundary of Australia is overlapping and in the west Fremantle and Perth seem to be one city. Additionally we can see that there are two rivers but they are not labelled. It is also probably a good idea to label Australia.


Let’s get down to business and begin to clean up our map so our readers are able to better identify and locate features using different labeling tools. Continue reading

Continue Feature Tool to continue digitising an existing line

The continue feature tool allows you to continue digitising an existing polygon or line without having to create a new feature and merge that back into the existing feature. Prior to version 10 the sketch tool was used to do this but this has since been replaced by feature templates.

To access the tool you will need to install service pack 2:


Then add the tool from the customize menu:

Once the tool has been added you can select and continue digitising an existing feature (line or polygon) so its shape can be updated.

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Extending ArcGIS 10 editing capabilities with new add-ins

I was exploring ArcGIS.com this morning and came across an excellent resource I wasn’t aware of and wanted to share.  It’s called ArcGIS Editing Labs.

This site is a warehouse for various tools and models designed to enhance your editing experience and improve editing workflows. Two tools in particular caught my eye: the Auto Complete Freehand Construction Tool and the Cut Polygons With Circle Tool. 

Continue reading