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Mapping Mars with ArcGIS Pro

I only discovered relatively recently that the Desktop suite is not limited to mapping Earth. Hidden amongst the thousands of coordinate systems available, you can find those for mapping planets within the Solar System.

Just for kicks, I downloaded all the geological data from Mars to have a look in ArcGIS Pro and see how it would fare in the hybrid 2D/3D interface.

You can try this out for yourselves by downloading the data from the USGS here. The datasets are conveniently provided in a file geodatabase and the layers come with some standard symbology in MXDs, so it’s an easy feat to import into ArcGIS Pro.

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Creating an upside-down map centered on Australia

Most of the projected coordinate systems we use to create maps of the World use the Greenwich meridian as the prime meridian. From time to time my clients ask me whether this can be changed and how to make a map centered on the International Date Line rather than the Greenwich meridian or how to center the ArcMap’s data frame on Australia. Let’s have a look at how to achieve this in ArcGIS for Desktop.

To add some fun to this task let’s also rotate the map upside down so that Australia will be displayed on top of the World. I’m sure that most of you saw The Upside Down World Map, which is very popular among tourists and even I have one hanging on the wall at home. So how did they make this map?

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A PDF Version of ArcGIS 9.3 Style Galleries

Recently, I had the task of symbolising a road reporting map for a local client. To help this client choose appropriate symbololgy to create the look and feel they wanted for the map, I needed a document showing the contents of Esri’s style galleries. After a bit of digging, I found this PDF  showing a catalog of the symbols included with the 9.3 release:

It’s an excellent starting point if you need to plan or document symbology at the beginning of a project.
[Note: Even though ArcGIS 10 does not yet have a version of this 9.3 document, many of the symbols are the same. If a version of this document becomes available for ArcGIS 10, we will be sure to post it—so stay tuned!]

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Ozri Update: Cartography – Think Big!

The latest from Ozri

Hello from Melbourne. Thanks to everyone who made it out this morning to see Kellie and I talk about streamlining your cartography workflows.

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