Rain Radar – ArcGIS Experience Builder Widget

One of the most highly requested features for Web Maps has been to overlay the the Rain Radar and animate it. We have built a widget for Experience Builder that now allows you to do this.

Rainviewer provide an API that sources the radar data from The Bureau of Meteorology, but also many other countries across the world.

Preview Demo here

Simple Experience with the Radar widget at the bottom
Rain radar is very valuable layer for emergency events like floods and fires
ArcGIS Experience Builder – Billboard template with the radar as a draggable panel

The Widget

The widget has the following key functions:

  • Configuration: a range of Radar colour styles
  • Configuration: local time or relative time for the slider
  • Configuration: set opacity on the radar
  • Configutation: set the speed of the animation
  • Toggle radar on/off
  • Animate through the slider
  • Pre fetches tiles to make things quicker
Available configuration options when adding the widget to an Experience
Experience Builder can be configured in a variety of ways.

Deploying the WIdget:

For ArcGIS Online users, you can download the widget and use within ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer edition, and then host the Experiences that you publish out of there for others to use.

For ArcGIS Enterprise users on v11+ you can reference the Manifest file we provide and simply register the widget straight into your portal. Any updates pushed to Github will flow down into your deployed Experiences. Alternatively you can also download the widget and host on your infrastructure.

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