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Esri Basemaps – March Update – Geoscape

Very excited to announce that Geoscape have become part of the Esri Maps Program and have contributed their buildings and parcels datasets into the Esri Vector basemaps.

  • 15,948,047 Buildings
  • 2,220,020 Parcels

Geoscape Australia is a provider of national location data, backed by the governments of Australia. If you want the raw data for parcels and buildings, reach out to either Esri Australia or Geoscape.

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Esri Basemaps – October update for Tasmania (Part 1)

Thanks to Land Tasmania, we have started to bring some of their authoratative datasets (theList) into the Esri Basemaps.

This first iteration included:

  • National Parks
  • State Reserves
  • Forests
  • Ioenspaces
  • Local Parks
  • Sports Fields
  • Tennis Courts/Hardcourts
  • Golf Courses
  • Building Footprints
  • Refresh of the Parcels

A second iteration will focus in on additional layers such as the coastline, estuaries, hydrographic features and more. This will come at a later time.

Take a look at the Esri Basemap and do some zooming around Tasmania to see the new content. These basemaps support offline workflows if you require these basemaps in the field.

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Esri Basemaps – July update for Queensland

The Esri basemaps have been refreshed with a range of authoratative datasets across the state of Queensland. A big thank you to the following contributors:

  • QTopo – Department of Resources
  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships – Department of Environment & Science
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council

If your organisation would like to participate in the basemap contribution process feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

To check the basemap updates, please refer to this sample app, but the updates should appear in ArcGIS Pro/Online/Enterprise by default.

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Esri Basemaps – December update for Australia

Parcels, parcels, parcels…

Big thank you to the following agencies, who between them contributed over 10 million property parcels into the Esri Basemaps:

State Agency Sync or Upload

Jump into the Esri Topographic basemap and have a look for yourself.

Burnie – Parcel data from DPIPWE in the Topographic Style – preview
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FAQ: Basemaps not aligning with your vectors?

Are you an ArcGIS for Windows Mobile user who has been experiencing problems with the simple task of zooming? If you are then you are not alone, there are a few that have been experiencing these problems and there is a simple fix.

Firstly the background to the problem.

What some have been experiencing is when zooming in and out or panning using ArcGIS for Windows Mobile both operational layers and basemaps have been displaying a shift.

Initially all is fine with vectors and basemaps aligning but as the user zooms and pans and the map the basemaps no longer align with the vectors.

This is the case for all users but has been reported by some Panasonic and Motion tablet users.

Now for the simple fix.

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Cannot access Basemaps and ArcGIS Online data or having trouble getting past that flaming firewall?

Many people run into the trouble of not being able to access Basemaps and data from ArcGIS Online. If you’ve encountered blank screens trying to access these 2 sources, then read on.

… it’s probably a firewall-proxy issue …

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