Monitor Field Staff

A common workflow organisations with staff out in the field, is to provide awareness and alerts about emergency incidents that are in their surrounding area.

The above video explains how to setup a real-time analytics to:

  • Setup feed to fetch Emergency Management Victoria incidents – time stamp
  • Setup feed to fetch Last Known Locations of field staff – time stamp
  • Setup real time analytic to alert when field staff within 5km of incident – time stamp
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Activating an ArcGIS Online subscription with a Personal Use License 

So, you have just purchased a new Personal Use License and need to activate your ArcGIS Online subscription. This blog will run through the steps to activate and set up your ArcGIS Online Organisation and how to assign your extensions for use in ArcGIS Pro.  

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Optimise ArcGIS Enterprise to publish large data packages

With the increasing quality of high-resolution imagery, 3D data, and large amounts of geographic information being developed, there are several tweaks and optimisations to consider when publishing large datasets into ArcGIS Enterprise.

We will explore hosted scene layers in particular, as scene layer packages (slpk) are able to easily accumulate to exceptionally large file sizes.

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Exploring ArcGIS for Power BI plugin

This article introduces the ArcGIS plugin for Microsoft Power BI, describes the licensing requirements and includes a small tutorial to locate and connect to ArcGIS for Power BI. Since there are many applications of this, we have linked some valuable resources which describe in depth what you can do with ArcGIS for Power BI and included some commonly faced issues that users experience when working with this plugin. While this short article is a good read for anyone, the intended audience for this article are users who are just getting started with ESRI’s ArcGIS plugin for Microsoft Power BI.

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Performing a clean uninstall of ArcGIS Desktop

There comes a time, when you may get persisting issues with your ArcGIS Desktop software and a clean uninstall is the only solution left on the table. But what exactly is the best workflow to follow and how do you go about executing it?

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ArcGIS Web AppBuilder: Choosing a destination before app launch

In the prequel to this blog, we looked at the basic construction of URL schemes, important parameters and key/pair values within ArcGIS Web AppBuilder. As a result, we were able to use our existing Web AppBuilder template and swap out the default web map for another web map by utilizing the capabilities that lie within the URL.

This blog introduces additional concepts with regards to these available URL capabilities and explores different parameters surrounding the position, selection and extent of the map when displayed on app launch. As mission control, we are able to modify parameters that allow us to pre-define and articulate the placement of our app before blasting off.

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Esri Basemaps – March Update – Geoscape

Very excited to announce that Geoscape have become part of the Esri Maps Program and have contributed their buildings and parcels datasets into the Esri Vector basemaps.

  • 15,948,047 Buildings
  • 2,220,020 Parcels

Geoscape Australia is a provider of national location data, backed by the governments of Australia. If you want the raw data for parcels and buildings, reach out to either Esri Australia or Geoscape.

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