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Geoscape & ArcGIS

Geoscape is an analytics-ready, 3D built environment dataset providing location-based insights for every address in Australia. It captures building footprints and heights, roof construction, surface cover, tree heights, the presence of solar panels and swimming pools and more. The data can be visualised using mapping platforms and 3D modelling tools.

I have put together a short video showing just some of the ways it can be used within ArcGIS.

I am also getting some experience in for becoming a TV weatherman, hopefully not too distracting.

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Enhancing your portal

Directions LIVE 2016 kicked off in Melbourne on Tuesday 17 May and has just finished up in Canberra.  It was a great tour, and it was terrific hearing how so many of you are making use of the technology for your various projects.

I had free rein to talk about five things that I think are powerful features of a portal (a portal being either ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS).  I have recorded these sessions into the five separate videos below.

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Web Apps Made Easy

Directions LIVEDuring our DirectionsLIVE 2015 roadshow, Web AppBuilder has been getting a lot of interest from both GIS users and developers looking to extend it.  Was great to see that a lot of you are already using it within your portal (be it ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, it’s embedded into both) and allowing your users the ability to build powerful interactive apps.

Here is a recording of the presentation for those that were unable to attend DirectionsLIVE 2015.

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ArcGIS Open Data & Google Analytics

ArcGIS Open Data allows you to expose the data that you already have in the ArcGIS Platform (be it ArcGIS Online or on ArcGIS for Server) to the hungry Open Data consumers that are out there, without extraneous exports or transformations that you have to maintain.

With ArcGIS Open Data being a public facing site, you can get some usage reporting benefits from the ArcGIS Activity Dashboard.  For more detailed usage reporting, you can integrate the  Google Analytics with your ArcGIS Open Data site.  This can help you understand how people are finding your site, what items are they searching for, what city are they from, who is on the site right now, what browsers/devices do they use, how long are they spending on the site, etc.

The following video shows you how you can integrate Google Analytics into your ArcGIS Open Data site.




ArcGIS Open Data & CKAN

ArcGIS Open Data makes it easy to share your data to any CKAN site by providing a catalog in the DCAT standard.  If your interested in what this looks like, just append /data.json onto the end of any ArcGIS Open Data site, such as VicRoads.

Syndicating data from your ArcGIS Open Data can help make your CKAN instance more powerful by providing downloadable data formats (shp, kml, csv) and APIs (Geoservices, WMS, Esri Rest, GeoJSON) all from your original ArcGIS services. Better yet, the downloads you make available will always be up to date because they have a live link to the source data. By using Open Data as the backend for a CKAN instance, you’ll provide more options and better service to your end-users so they can focus on using your data.


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