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Business Analyst Online Tour (Part 2)

As you may recall in our previous post about Business Analyst Online we were able to look at the demographic profile surrounding our retail locations to get a better understanding of each retail location. We took a closer look at the stores in Sydney as they were performing very well and were able to see a trend in the demographics. See the previous post entitled “Business Analyst Online Has Arrived in Australia (Part 1)”

Today we are going to look at using the “Smart Map Search” functionality to identify other locations that have similar demographic profiles to the stores in Sydney that are doing well.


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Business Analyst Online Has Arrived in Australia (Part 1)

The release of Business Analyst Online in Australia this autumn signals easy access to custom site evaluation and market analysis. Business Analyst Online is a web-based solution providing detailed and insightful information about consumers and their spending habits as well as lifestyles. Business Analyst Online is a subscription-based solution similar to ArcGIS Online wherein users consume credits. You can see real-world examples of Business Analyst Online here.

Business Analyst Online helps users answer such questions as: “What is the local demographic profile surrounding my retail location(s)?”, “Where are there concentrations of my customer located?” or even “Where should I locate my next location?”.

Today we are going to take a look at Business Online and begin to explore some of the functionality as well as answer the question: “What is the local demographic profile surrounding my current retail locations?

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Printing Maps from Javascript Web Applications

I’ve recently been involved in developing  a web application using the ArcGIS Javascript API. I thought I’d share some of the things I learned on this project on printing, partly as catharsis but mostly so it might help someone else to speed up their development process.

One of the requirements for the application was to be able to create a print friendly layout of the map area. The map basically displayed two tiled map services: the MDS foundation map and another map service overlaid on top.

My initial thought was to create a new web page in the required layout which simply recreated the map object that was in the main app window. This appeared to work well until I actually printed the page, when I noticed that different browser types where handling the printing with varying degrees of accuracy. Take a look below to see what I mean. Firefox prints the overlying map service offset from the MDS base map service:

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Design great web mapping apps

In this post, we’ll focus on methods for building external facing web sites.  Often, the immediate approach is to create a single application to solve all ‘spatial’ needs of an organisation on the web.  As the web has evolved, this mechanism is becoming harder to implement.  Harder, because the expectation for spatial content in many web based initiatives is greater.  So how do you create compelling online applications that are fit for purpose and don’t grow to become bloated button heavy behemoths that users look at and sigh! Continue reading