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FAQ: How to Update an expired Enterprise Geodatabase License

Enterprise geodatabases are licensed through an ArcGIS Server authorization file. With an ArcGIS Enterprise (or ArcGIS Server basic) license, you can create or enable an enterprise geodatabases in ArcGIS Pro.

If your organization licenses ArcGIS Server for a set time period using a term license, the license is subject to expiration and must be updated manually on the machine hosting ArcGIS Server as well as the related enterprise geodatabase.

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FAQ: How Can My Organisation Access ArcGIS GeoBIM Licenses?

ArcGIS GeoBIM licenses are currently an inclusion of ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Professional Standard and ArcGIS Professional Advanced user types.  You can read more on user types here.

If your organization does not have an ArcGIS Professional Standard or Advanced user type, GeoBIM can be purchased as an add-in license and then assigned to a compatible User Type, within your ArcGIS Online subscription. You can see more on how to manage licenses here.

If you would like to learn more about GeoBIM, please feel free to contact us

How to Add New User Types and Add-on Applications to ArcGIS Enterprise

Do you need to incorporate newly purchased ArcGIS Enterprise named user licenses or Add-ons to your existing environment?

The following workflow will guide you on how to update your existing license file and import your new licenses seamlessly:

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ArcGIS Pro 1.2 Licensing update

Welcome to the new licensing model for ArcGIS Pro 1.2. With the recent release of ArcGIS Pro 1.2 users can now choose which license model they wish to use to authorize ArcGIS Pro. Your organisation can now choose between the default Named User model, or you can now convert your ArcGIS Pro entitlements to Single Use or Concurrent Use licenses.

As most ArcGIS users know, with a new release comes new functions and ArcGIS Pro 1.2 is no different. Many of you know that ArcGIS Pro 1.x has been managed using either ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS to allocate licenses to a Named Users. With ArcGIS Pro 1.2 users are now able to convert their ArcGIS Pro license from a Named User to either a Single Use or Concurrent Use license.

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How to use the ARCGIS.opt file to restrict borrowing

I had a great question on support the other day asking me to explain how to use the ARCGIS.opt file to restrict borrowing of certain licenses.

The License Manager 10 help on the Options File states that you can use the options file to allow or deny license borrowing. But that’s about it.

If you are familiar with version 9 options files there was a BORROW line – this has changed in version 10. Gone is the old familiar borrow tag and replacing it is the less obvious, but equally effective, INCLUDE_ENTITLEMENT & EXCLUDE_ENTITLEMENT. This options line controls license borrowing.

All you need to do is list those who can borrow (INCLUDE_ENTITLEMENT) then only those users included have access to the borrowing feature.

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