Ozri Update: A Mobile Enterprise

Today Phil and I presented ArcGIS Mobile and its place within an enterprise system. The audience saw how easy ArcGIS Mobile is to use on a mobile device for non savvy GIS staff and let’s face it, that’s what it’s designed for. We also demystified the complexities of enterprise systems but importantly how ArcGIS Mobile is disseminated into other systems within a business using one map and many applications.

Our example drew from a tree company who is contracted by a Utility company to check and maintain trees that are affecting the utility network. Because we were contracted by a Utility company, we needed to disseminate the data we captured into the Utility company’s IT infrastructure. So we showed how this ‘sharing’ of information can be done and the important place ArcGIS Mobile had in the Enterprise system.

Bye for now!

Chris G.

To find out more about this presentation or topic, please contact us via email.

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