How to Activate an ArcGIS Developer Subscription

This blog looks at how to activate your ArcGIS Developer subscription and the associated ArcGIS Online accounts.  If you do not already have your ADS code an My Esri Administrator will need to email you the ADS Code by selecting Send Developer Subscription Code from the Licensing> Manage Developer Subscriptions page in My Esri. You will also require access to My Esri.

Once you have received this code you can then follow the steps outlined below to complete the activation process.

Step 1: Once you have received an email with the ADS code, select Register Your Subscription. This will launch My Esri where you can enter the ADS/ Subscription ID and subscribe to the ArcGIS Developer Account.

Step 2: Once you have entered the ADS code you will have access to the Developer tab in My Esri. When clicking on the “Developer” tab option, by default you will be taken to the ‘Developer Subscription” page, and at the bottom of this page select Create Developer Account.

Step 3: This will launch the Developers Dashboard and prompt you to either create a Developers Account or Activate the subscription with an Existing Account. In this example we will be creating a new account.

More info on the developers dashboard can be found here

Step 4: After selecting how you will activate the subscription and filling in the form, a confirmation link will be sent to your email to complete the activation. From the email click the activation token to launch the Developers Dashboard.

Step 5: From here you will be asked to set up your Developers Account.

*Please note this is one of two accounts you will create in this process.

Step 6: After selecting Create Developer Account you will be prompted to create the first of two ArcGIS Online subscriptions.

Step 7: The Dashboard will launch and you will be prompted to select an API or SDK, this can be done at a later time and is not required to progress with the activation.

Step 8: From here you will create the second of two ArcGIS Online accounts and organisations. This will be your Dev and Test subscription. To activate this second subscription select “Activate” from under the Accounts sections.

*This subscription includes the 5 users as well as the ArcGIS Pro license.

Step 9: Here you will need to create another account that will be used to access the Dev and Test organisation.

Two separate accounts are required as ArcGIS Online usernames are unique. This is why we go through the process of creating two separate accounts/usernames as one will be tied to each organisation.

Step 10: Once this account has been created you will then Setup the Dev and Test Organisation by signing into ArcGIS Online

Step 11: Next, will launch and you can sign in with you Dev and Test account that was just created. This will prompt you to finishing setting up the organisation where you can specify the name of the ArcGIS Online organisation and short url that you wish to use.

You will now have access and have completed setting up your ArcGIS Developer subscription and associated ArcGIS Online accounts.

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