Esri Basemaps – March Update – Geoscape

Very excited to announce that Geoscape have become part of the Esri Maps Program and have contributed their buildings and parcels datasets into the Esri Vector basemaps.

  • 15,948,047 Buildings
  • 2,220,020 Parcels

Geoscape Australia is a provider of national location data, backed by the governments of Australia. If you want the raw data for parcels and buildings, reach out to either Esri Australia or Geoscape.

Take a look at the Esri Basemap and do some zooming in to view the parcels and buildings. These basemaps support offline workflows if you require these basemaps in the field, something that the users report is a key workflow they like to use the Esri basemaps for.

Once again, pictures beat words here, so:

Alice Springs
Collingwood & Fitzroy, Melbourne

Prefer to change the styling? Want to remove labels or make the national parks bright purple? Go ahead and change the style to your hearts desire.

City of Melbourne data will be refreshed in the next update. And to re-cap the HERE data in the basemaps is from the 2022-Q1 vintage.

If your organisation would like to participate in the basemap contribution process feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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