FAQ: Are attribute rules on referenced feature layers supported for offline editing?

Attribute rules enhance the editing experience and improve data integrity for geodatabase datasets. They are user-defined rules that can be used to automatically populate attributes, restrict invalid edits during edit operations, and perform quality assurance checks on existing features.

Feature layers you publish from ArcGIS Pro that reference your registered data can include attribute rules. When you edit the feature layer, ArcGIS applies the attribute calculation and constraint rules you defined in the geodatabase. Any time an edit violates one of these rules, the editor receives an error.

However, if you edit the data while offline, the attribute rule information is not included in the offline data. When you synchronize the data with the feature layer, the rules are applied at that time. How the violations are treated depends on how the data is registered.

If you use data registered as versioned, attribute rule violations prevent the synchronization process from taking place. Synchronization returns an error when an edit violates an attribute rule. You must correct the violation in the offline version of the data and try to synchronize again.

If you use archive-enabled, nonversioned data, synchronization completes but edits that violate attribute rules are not applied. Information is written to the ArcGIS Server log for the edits that did not synchronize. If you use nonversioned data and attribute rules, you should always check the ArcGIS Server log after synchronizing to see which (if any) edits were not synchronized.

ArcGIS Server Logs Error Message

Correct the violation in the offline version of the data and synchronize again.


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