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Exciting changes to Esri Australia’s Technical Support

Esri Australia is updating its Technical Support System and integrating tighter with Esri. This broadens our knowledge base, improves the visibility to you and generally make it easier for you to get your issues resolved. The main difference you’ll notice straight up is that emails will come from customercare@esri.com. This is Esri’s ‘Global’ support email address and is what all of Esri and its distributors will use to communicate with their clients, but don’t submit your support requests through this address. You can continue to use support@esriaustralia.com.au to log new cases but we are considering phasing this out and directing you to use My Esri to manage your support cases.

You’ll notice a new “Support” tab in My Esri. This is where you’ll go to view your support activity and log a new case. In order to see this tab, you’ll need to be linked to an organisation and have the “View support information” assigned to you. We’ve automatically assign this permission to the administrators of your organisation to get you started. Continue reading

Making the most out of Esri Australia Technical Support

There comes a time in every GIS users life when you have to ask for help. Maybe you’re getting some error message whenever you run a certain geoprocessing task? Or you’re seemingly one step away from piecing together the ultimate python script but are struggling to find that last piece of the puzzle? Well we’re here to help you!

Esri Australia’s technical support service is available to all maintained Esri Australia clients. This means that some of your maintenance dollars pays for this service and a wealth of resources that go along with it. We have a team of around 20 GIS specialists whose job is to help you to make the most of your investment.

So when you hit the wall and need help, it doesn’t mean you have to pick up the phone or flick out an email to us for help because there’s a heap of self service options out there which may get you an answer sooner. I also strongly recommend you do some of this research yourselves because this helps you to learn and better understand the technology. But in saying this, I know that there’s a lot of information out there and it can sometimes feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack.

So let’s have a look at what resources are available to you. Continue reading