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Christmas with Collector for ArcGIS: An In Field test. Part 2.

Access Granted- Providing the right people with editing permissions.

If you missed Part 1 you can read it here:>>

Now that we have published a feature service and created a web map, it’s time to think about establishing the roles and providing the right people with the editing rights.

Step four of the workflow.

This step is maybe the most important one in the entire process as it allows you to set access permissions.

As a creator of your web service you have to decide on whether it will be published only within your organisation or it’ll be available for the general public. In my example my map was supposed to let my colleagues and friends track us during our WA adventure, so it has had to be publically available.

So I needed to click the Share button and choose “everyone”

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Christmas with Collector for ArcGIS: An In Field test. Part 1.

It’s been three years since I joined Esri Australia from one of Esri’s distributor offices in Europe. While being fully loaded with my technical support and training assignments at work I’ve been spending every available opportunity on exploring this beautiful country. In all my travels around Australia I’ve been using GIS as one of the main instruments for navigation, getting directions and story telling about my trips across the continent by making maps showing routes, visited places and the places I’d like to visit one day.

In most situations these were just simple geographic maps consisting of free basemaps pulled from the ArcGIS.com website, a couple of layers to show POI (Points of Interest) and a layer showing the route of that particular trip. I would export these maps to PDF and either post them online in my blog or send them to my co-travellers as email attachments.

But now with the new Collector for ArcGIS Application released by Esri for iOS and Android platforms, and the new capabilities of ArcGIS Online combined with the technical advantages provided by the latest smartphones, I took it to the next level.  Now we can use mobile applications and collect data in the field just by using our iPhones or any other compatible smartphone, which most of us have. Continue reading

Next Melbourne Developer Meetup Scheduled!

Esri Australia are pleased to announce our third Dev Meet up here in Melbourne, on the 23/05/2013.

We have talks lined up covering Twitter Maps, Esri’s new ‘Web Map’ Standard, Geo-fences and ArcGIS Mobile.

If you have something to share, then please sign-up for a 10-minute Lightning Talk.

For more information and to join the group go to:


John H