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How to connect to an ArcGIS License Manager using IPv4 and IPv6 connections.

Are you having trouble connecting to the ArcGIS License Manager (LM) when using IPv4 and IPv6 connections?  When using Dual-IP stacks, your computers and other devices can run both protocols however there can be issues when connecting to an ArcGIS License Manager.  The connection is usually set to be IPv4 (e.g. internal network) or to IPv6, for example MS DirectAccess, that uses IPv6 connections; not to both protocols.

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Cannot access Basemaps and ArcGIS Online data or having trouble getting past that flaming firewall?

Many people run into the trouble of not being able to access Basemaps and data from ArcGIS Online. If you’ve encountered blank screens trying to access these 2 sources, then read on.

… it’s probably a firewall-proxy issue …

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