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Performing a clean uninstall of ArcGIS Desktop

There comes a time, when you may get persisting issues with your ArcGIS Desktop software and a clean uninstall is the only solution left on the table. But what exactly is the best workflow to follow and how do you go about executing it?

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Uninstalling service packs at 10

Need to roll back to a previous service pack or uninstall a patch? A new function with version 10 is the ability to unistall service packs. This is helpful if you run into an error or performance issue and need to test if the service pack is involved.

If you are using Windows XP, you can use the Add/Remove Programs window to view and uninstall service packs or patches. For more details visit this link.

But if you’re using Windows 7, the workflow is slightly different.

i)     Open Control Panel

ii)    Navigate ‘Programs and Features’-> ‘View installed updates’

iii)  Navigate ‘ArcGIS Desktop 10 Service Pack x’-> Right Click and Uninstall.

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