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In search of Doctor Who (travels with ArcGIS server, episode 1)

In this series of blogs we will explore some ArcGIS server functionality.  The first four episodes cover;

  1. Using interoperability and Portal for ArcGIS
  2. Federating an ArcGIS Server site with Portal
  3. Using a Portal hosted server
  4. Configuring and using Geoportal Server

To set the scene we are going to use a box (server) which is a lot bigger on the inside that what it initially seems.  This server has the following installed initially;

We start by taking off from those that have gone before and have located a source of his travels from Doctor Who locations which have kindly provided a place to start via a KML file, this is an open XML format now looked after by OGC which is http://www.doctorwholocations.net/downloads/format?type=kml. As the Doctor gets around a bit we initially are not going to serve up a copy of his locations but reference the original.

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