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Creating an ArcSDE Service on Windows using ArcGIS 10.1

Beginning with ArcGIS 10.1, the process of creating an ArcSDE service has changed. There is no ArcSDE Post Installation wizard, and the “Create ArcSDE service” operation (as part of the wizard) is no longer supported.
And more significantly, the default means of connecting to the geodatabase is via Direct Connections. However, if there is still a need for an ArcSDE service (application server connection) at the 10.1 release, one can be manually created and registered (depending on DBMS) using the following workflow
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Installing ArcSDE 10.1 and setting up a geodatabase in SQL Server

The purpose of this blog is to consolidate the resources for Installing ArcSDE 10.1 and setting up a geodatabase in SQL Server, into one guideline for ease of use.

System requirements
Prior to installing, please review the relational database management systems database requirements:
Microsoft SQL Server Database Requirements for ArcGIS 10.1

Install and configure SQL Server
Protocol at your site will determine if the administrator or another staff member, such as an information systems technician, will do this. See your SQL Server documentation for instructions.
• Configure the instance to accept remote connections.
• Decide whether a dbo user or a user named sde will own the geodatabase.
• If you will be creating the geodatabase from a remote computer (to the SQL Server instance), install the SQL Server Native client on that computer.

Set up ArcSDE
1. Navigate to the ArcSDE 10.1 (Windows) media and run ESRI.exe.

2. Click on the Setup link of the specific database platform to install ArcSDE with.
3. If you have any questions about the items listed on the setup menu, additional information regarding an item can be found via the Install Guide.

Authorize ArcSDE
• Each enterprise geodatabase must be authorized with an ArcGIS Server Enterprise Edition authorization file. You must specify a valid authorization file when the geodatabase is created. If you do not already have an authorization file (*.ecp), you can obtain one by going to the ArcSDE and ArcIMS Product Authorization Form to generate your Esri authorization file.
• Once you have an authorization file, you can create a geodatabase or update the authorization file in an existing geodatabase.
• To authorize the geodatabase when it is being created, specify the authorization file location when you run either the Create Enterprise Geodatabase or Enable Enterprise Geodatabase geoprocessing tool or Python script.
• If you already created your geodatabase and need to reauthorize it, run the sdesetup command with the update_key operation.

NOTE: At ArcGIS 10.1, there is no ArcSDE Post Installation wizard, and the installation operation is no longer supported with the sdesetup command. The following steps will create a database and geodatabase in SQL Server Continue reading