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ArcGIS Web AppBuilder: Choosing a destination before app launch

In the prequel to this blog, we looked at the basic construction of URL schemes, important parameters and key/pair values within ArcGIS Web AppBuilder. As a result, we were able to use our existing Web AppBuilder template and swap out the default web map for another web map by utilizing the capabilities that lie within the URL.

This blog introduces additional concepts with regards to these available URL capabilities and explores different parameters surrounding the position, selection and extent of the map when displayed on app launch. As mission control, we are able to modify parameters that allow us to pre-define and articulate the placement of our app before blasting off.

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Design great web mapping apps

In this post, we’ll focus on methods for building external facing web sites.  Often, the immediate approach is to create a single application to solve all ‘spatial’ needs of an organisation on the web.  As the web has evolved, this mechanism is becoming harder to implement.  Harder, because the expectation for spatial content in many web based initiatives is greater.  So how do you create compelling online applications that are fit for purpose and don’t grow to become bloated button heavy behemoths that users look at and sigh! Continue reading