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The top five things you should try in the ArcGIS for Desktop v.10.2

As a technical support analyst and software trainer I am in constant contact with GIS users in Australia (predominantly in Queensland as I’m based in Brisbane). From time to time I realize that some of my clients are not aware of some of the simple improvements that the software developer implement with version upgrades. So I decided to make a brief overview of the “top five things” that my clients were not aware of or haven’t used in the new v10.2 software release.

So, if you’ve got ArcGIS for Desktop v 10.2, check out these hidden functions:

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Converting Excel files: The new Excel toolset in 10.2

Do you store valuable data in Microsoft Excel and/or Comma-Separated Values (CSV) files? The new Excel toolset included in the 10.2 release contains tools to convert Microsoft Excel files to and from tables for use in ArcMap. This is a functionality that has been highly anticipated by Esri Australia’s Desktop users and is now available to all licence levels. This follows the successful release of Esri Maps for Office and continued history of integration of tabular data into GIS. Previous versions of ArcMap have limitations such as a two or three step process to use Excel data, effectively duplicating files and conversions and joins to be saved and connections to an OLE database. The new toolset provides two simple tools to output ready to use tabular data in ArcMap and then allows you to save changes as an Excel file. Continue reading