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About Ben Coubrough

I have been with Esri Australia as a Support and Technical Consultant since 2019 and before that was with the Royal New Zealand Air Force for 4 years as a Geospatial Analyst. I enjoy designing aesthetic and informative maps and investigating relationships between data My GIS passions are creating and publishing visually pleasing maps.

Using Google Analytics with your ArcGIS StoryMaps and Configurable Web Apps

Do you want to measure how well your ArcGIS StoryMaps or Web Apps are performing? Who’s using them, where they’re from or how long they’re viewing them for?

We can now use Google Analytics to track our Configurable Web Apps and ArcGIS StoryMaps.

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How to use Guest accounts in your ArcGIS Online Organisation or Portal for ArcGIS

Do you have guests or temporary workers in your organisation’s ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS?

Their accounts can often see anything that is shared to the organisation. This can be undesirable.   How do you enable your organisation’s core-staff to have access to a wide range of content but have that content unavailable to these temporary users? 

If this is something that your organisation has concerns about, it’s a great time to start using Groups to divide and organise your content into sections or categories for your different types of users. This process is called Compartmentalization.

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