Monitor Field Staff

A common workflow organisations with staff out in the field, is to provide awareness and alerts about emergency incidents that are in their surrounding area.

The above video explains how to setup a real-time analytics to:

  • Setup feed to fetch Emergency Management Victoria incidents – time stamp
  • Setup feed to fetch Last Known Locations of field staff – time stamp
  • Setup real time analytic to alert when field staff within 5km of incident – time stamp

Combining ArcGIS Velocity with ArcGIS Field Maps now allows organisations to have a fully managed SaaS solution for providing this duty of care service. This opens up a lot of capability for workflows that no longer require spinning up costly infrastructure:

  • Personnel tracking & analytics
  • disseminate notifications based on events such as employees arriving at work orders or work sites
  • calculate the percentage of time spent traveling between work sites
  • verify when, where, and by whom work was done
  • alert based on criteria such as speeding or proximity to areas of interest
Automated alerts for when field staff are in proximity to incidents

ArcGIS Field Maps is a lightweight app that performs mobile data collection. It includes battery savings location tracking capability, driven by activity.

ArcGIS Velocity is a real-time and big data analysis add-on capability for ArcGIS Online. It enables users to ingest, process, and visualize real-time data feeds as well as perform fast queries and analysis to turn location tracking data into valuable insights. 

Field Maps enables tracking

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