ArcGIS Online and differing User types for ArcGIS Pro licenses.

You have renewed your ArcGIS Online subscription and ArcGIS Pro licenses but you find you can no longer access the license.  You have an error saying the license has expired.  Why has this happened? You have changed nothing, your renewal was on time and the license had worked previously.

It happened because by default ArcGIS Pro licenses are tied to a user type, and they must be assigned to a member in ArcGIS Online.  To address the error the Administrator needs to change the User Type.

User types and roles in ArcGIS Online
To be assigned a Named User license you need to be a member in an ArcGIS Online (AGOL) organisational account and been assigned a User Type and a Role.  User Types allow organsations to manage Privileges that can be assigned to members through Roles. Information on your ArcGIS Online Organisational accounts can be viewed in My Esri.

Knowing the user types and licenses available in your Organisational account can help you plan the management of your member’s user types, roles and licenses. This has not changed. Where there is a difference is that there are several new user types now available.

When assigning your ArcGIS Pro license, there are several options for the user type and roles available in the account.  We’ll be discussing Creator and GIS Professional user types as this is where the changes have been made.

A Creator user type is a good option for content creators and collaborators.  Creators can create and edit content for use in maps, web apps and spatial analysis to name a few.  They can also administer users and manage content in AGOL.  With a Creator user type an ArcGIS Pro and add on license must be assigned by an administrator.

A GIS Professional has much the same functionality as a Creator user type as they can also administer users and content in AGOL.  The user type has three levels; Basic, Standard and Advanced and these correspond to the licensing levels in ArcGIS Pro.  The major difference is that an ArcGIS Pro license is allocated with the user type.  Add on licenses will need to be assigned if required.

How to Assign an ArcGIS Pro and Add on licenses with Creator User Type

There must be an existing Administrator in the AGOL account. Only Administrators can assign user types, roles, and licenses.  When the Administrator signs in, they will see a menu that will include Organisation. Only Administrators can see the Organisation Tab.

Under that Tab is the Members list. Click on the Organisation Tab, Members to see the members list.

Under the members Tab, an Administrator will see all the members names, the user type and role (including your own as the administrator) in the list. Click on the user type and if needed, change it to Creator. Then change the Role by clicking on the dropdown arrow.

Then click on the box in front of the members’ name.

This opens a context menu above the member’s list. Choose “Manage add-on licenses”:

This opens the main licensing page. Select the available license type and extensions if available and then Save the changes. Your ArcGIS Pro license is now ready to access from ArcGIS Pro App on your local machine.  Open ArcGIS Pro and when prompted Sign in using the same credentials as you used for AGOL.
The Sign in option can be found at the Top Right Hand corner of the main ArcGIS Pro page.

After you have successfully signed into AGOL, ArcGIS Pro will open with the licenses assigned.

Activate ArcGIS Pro license with GIS Professional user type

There is also the option to sign in with other available User types. GIS Professionals Advanced, Standard and Basic. GIS Professional User types are used commonly with Personal Use licenses and educational packages. To change the user type click on the Manage User Type in the context menu.

It will be necessary to assign Extensions, App bundles and Applications to the member if required. These licenses are assigned using the Manage Add On Licenses context menu.  Any license assigned will be available to the user when they sign into the AGOL account.  Administrators can assign these user types and unassign them as required. The only proviso is that the number of licenses assigned to members match the number of user types and licenses available in AGOL.

Even though the user type changes the underlying process of an Administrator assigning a user type, role and license remains the same.  For further information please see Managing licenses in ArcGIS Pro.  This is a complete guide to ArcGIS Pro license management and activation.

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