BOM Stream Gauge feed in Esri Living Atlas

The Bureau of Meteorology sync data from their Water Data Online API into the Esri Living Atlas, specifically the Live Stream Gauges layer.

Water Data Online provides access to nationally consistent, current and historical water information. Watercourse level and watercourse discharge time series data from approximately 3500 water monitoring stations across Australia are available.

Finding the layer

Add the layer into your web maps either directly from the item page, or by searching for it from the Living Atlas within your Map Viewer or ArcGIS Pro catalog window.

From ArcGIS Pro Catalog window

Make it your own (optional)

A good technique is to make the layer more relevant to your organisation and then share it as a new layer item to your users.

  • Filter it down to just Australia:
This removes out the records from other countries. You can also remove gauges with old data or no flow/level readings
  • Use arcade to convert feet value to meters:
  • Style and label layer as required
  • Save as a new layer item and share with your organisation/groups

An example of a layer is shown in this web map.

Using the Layer

This layer can be added to your existing and new web maps very easily just like any other layer in your GIS.

Add layer via the Map Viewer
Compare trends in heights and levels, aggregate levels to your regions – within Insights for ArcGIS
Providing access to the BOM Water Online feed from ArcGIS Field Maps

For more information refer to the Water Data Online information sheet.

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