Esri Basemaps – December update for Australia

Parcels, parcels, parcels…

Big thank you to the following agencies, who between them contributed over 10 million property parcels into the Esri Basemaps:

State Agency Sync or Upload

Jump into the Esri Topographic basemap and have a look for yourself.

Burnie – Parcel data from DPIPWE in the Topographic Style – preview
Newcastle – Data from NSW Spatial Services using the Community Style – preview
North Mackay – Parcel data from DNRME in the Topographic Style – preview
For the carto connoisseur, build your own style with the Vector Style Editor

HERE Data Refresh

HERE data forms the backbone for the Esri basemaps in Australia. This is updated quarterly. The December update refreshes the previous HERE 2020-Q3 to HERE 2020-Q4 vintage. As an example – this incremental update includes an additional 20k local road segments for Australia.

Want to see your data in the Esri basemaps?

The Esri Community Basemaps program allows organisations to contribute a range of datasets. Please reach out if you need any assistance or have further questions about getting your data into the Esri basemaps.

You can contribute via uploading or syncing from your ArcGIS Enterprise/Online environment on a schedule.

Usage Stats

Digging into the usage numbers, the Esri basemaps get a lot of usage from within Australia. Some of the higher usage (>50 hits/hour) apps include:

The Esri Vector Tile basemaps have seen a surge in usage over 2020

Stay tuned. In 2021 we will be working with a combination of federal and state agencies to help incorporate a range of valuable Australian datasets together into the Esri basemaps.

The Esri Vector Tile Basemaps support offline workflows and custom styles.

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