How do I add Bing Maps to the Basemap collection in ArcGIS Pro?

Would you like to add Bing Maps as basemaps in ArcGIS Pro?  Here are the steps that will get you up and running!

To add Bing Maps as a basemap in ArcGIS Pro, you will need to do two things:

1 – Configure ArcGIS Online to access Bing Maps.
2 – Create the Bing Maps Basemaps and share with a group that is configured as the organisations default basemap group

Once these configurations are complete, users will be able to access the Bing Maps from the Basemap gallery in ArcGIS Pro.

Things to keep in mind, you will need to be logged in as an ArcGIS Online Organisation Admin to make the following changes on the Organisation settings page.

Steps to add Bing Maps to the Basemap collection in ArcGIS Pro

1 – Configure ArcGIS Online with a Bing Maps Key
2 – If you have not already done so, create a group to share basemaps with your organisation.
3 – Create a map and add the bing map as a base map

  • To use a Bing basemap Click Add > Add Layer from Web.
  • Choose A Bing Basemap from the drop-down list.
  • Choose which Bing basemap you want to use.
  • Click Add Layer. Bing basemaps are only available if your portal is configured with a Bing Maps key.
  • Click Save in Map Viewer. The Save Map dialog box opens. Type a Title, Tags, and Summary for the map, choose which folder to save it in, and click Save Map.

4 – Share this map with the Group you created.
5 – Configure your organisation to use this group as the default basemaps group.
7 – Restart ArcGIS Pro, log in and your bing maps basemaps will be available from the basemaps options.

If you would like more information about this process, please refer to the below related links.

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Using Bing basemaps in ArcGIS Online:

Use Bing Maps:

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