SmarterWX Locate Beta Program

Australia’s Dial Before You Dig benefits from a high number of registered asset owners and a high level of awareness of the need to refer to DBYD before conducting any excavations.

However, lodging an enquiry means the enquirer becomes inundated with email responses from each asset owner, and ensuring that all information is accurately interpreted and taken into consideration is an error prone process.

To support you in dealing with these challenges, we’ve added a new product to the SmarterWX portfolio specifically for enquirers working with the Dial Before You Dig ( service.

SmarterWX Locate provides an easy to navigate web portal that simplifies enquiries, saving significant processing and management time by streamlining DBYD submissions and the pursuant management of responses from various asset owners.

This streamlined workflow is the foremost benefit for the market. No longer do you need to collect multiple documents, print out countless PDFs and take them out to the field to navigate to where underground assets might be; with SmarterWX Locate you can submit an enquiry on your smartphone in the field, and receive responses within minutes*.

swx locate search view

SmarterWX Locate integrates fully with your GIS mapping applications allowing you to instantly see the status of DBYD enquiries across your region and view the asset plans directly from the map.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve collected vital end-user feedback through our Early Access Program. We’ve used this feedback to ensure SmarterWX Locate generates the desired savings in time, money and resources that enable businesses to deliver streamlined, efficient processes for these enquiries.

We kicked off the SmarterWX Locate beta program in late August and will be using our findings from that to fine-tune the product and deliver immediate improvements to you, our customers.

We strive to always deliver value to our customers and accordingly offer tiered plans that cater for all enquirers — from local landscape gardeners to large construction companies. It’s exciting to be creating new relationships with this offering, as well as strengthening existing ones.

If you’re interested to know more about SmarterWX Locate, how it could benefit your organisation, or if you want to be part of our beta program, please get in touch with Henry Vettivelu, SmarterWX Product Manager, to have a conversation.

Looking for more information? Visit for more details and to register your interest.

*Subject to asset owners’ average response times.

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