GDA2020 Update December 2016

Things hGDA2020 logo - text under symbolave been progressing within the ICSM working group on GDA2020 and I thought I would provide an update as to where we are at:

On the 28th and 29th of November the GDA Implementation Working Group met and released some key communications about the datum. They are as follows:

ICSM will also be hosting an online moderated forum on the site to aide with the implementation of the GDA Modernisation.

Some technical details that have been received from the ICSM Working group are as follows:

  • The ‘adoption date’ for GDA2020 has been reviewed by ICSM and it has been agreed that all state and national jurisdictions that have an interest in delivering spatial data will be progressively developing support for the new Datum during 2017.
  • It is expected by ICSM that as software developers such as Esri receive the new transformations and incorporate them into their software, users will be able to consume transformed data, or transform it themselves by mid-2018.
  • The national adjustment and the new NTv2 distortion grid are nearing completion. This complex task involves coordinating inputs from all the jurisdictions, so the initial expected timeline for delivery of January 2017 has slipped. It is currently anticipated that by March 2017 a new national NTv2 distortion grid to transform between GDA94 and GDA2020 will be available from ICSM.

Full details on the latest ICSM update can be found at:


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