Image Service Widgets for Web AppBuilder

So you’ve decide to go beyond the image basemap and extend your image service by adding some  functions to your image service. You have NDVI’s, band ratios and band remaps available through your rest end point of your image service. Now how do you make these accessible to the end user?

Well if your  in ArcMap this is a relatively simple task. After you have connected to an image service and displayed it in ArcMap you can access the image service properties from the layer properties window. From there you’ll see a functions tab which you can instantly access any of the on-the-fly functions you have developed. Including the ability to time slice the imagery.  See diagram below:


What about on the web? This is where it becomes a little more interesting. Out of the box Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS can view image services but there is nothing available in the delivered product to directly access the functions . So to get around this, if you have the skills, you could go ahead and code up a widget or two to expose the functions to end users or you could build an entire application such as the image discovery portal available from github :

However, not everyone has these skill sets. Esri has realised this and has built a set of plug-in widgets for Web AppBuilder that expose the functions of an image service to an end user. They can be found at:

The Web AppBuilder Image Service widgets have been built to provide a simplified way for users to incorporate imagery functionality into web apps. The design goal has been to create a set of widgets that work together, can be incorporated into a wide range of applications and do not clutter the applications.

The widgets include

  • Image service renderer, which exposes your functions,
  • Change detection, between two image services,
  • Time slider against an image service with multiple dates,
  • Spectral profiler,
  • Image Mensuration, for on the fly measurements within the image space, and
  • Image classifier with training samples.

As with all image services these work in memory on what is displayed on the screen at the time. ESRI also has live sample of each of the toolsets.

Full instructions for their set-up and configuration are available and as always for this you will require either ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.

Enjoy your image processing




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