Capitalising on momentum in training with an Esri Australia Technical Adviser

In recent months, many of Esri Australia’s largest clients have embraced wide-ranging technical change with the deployment of the latest release of the ArcGIS Platform, comprising a suite of wholly new or improved technologies. These customers see real change in the first days of the deployment of the ArcGIS Platform. This is particularly true of clients who pair software deployment simultaneously with the delivery of Esri Australia’s technical training for their staff throughout an organisation – analyst to executive; spatial staff or staff new to location analytics.

In a recent engagement with a client, I have personally seen the deployment, configuration, integration and adoption of Esri’s Production Mapping and Workflow Manager technologies. These technologies have directly contributed to improving and streamlining analysts’ workflows, expanded the visibility and resource management capabilities of team leaders, and have provided executive staff with high level understanding of the synergies and friction points in business practices across the organisation.

In each case, Esri Australia has delivered focused training to clients at all levels in formal classroom and workshop settings. To capitalise on the momentum of the software deployment and formal training, the client mentioned earlier engaged Esri Australia to employ a technical adviser, or ‘floor walker’, to aid the organisation in implementing the new technologies in their daily work. The floor walker assisted the staff, at the individual and team levels, to transition from the training environment to employing the ArcGIS Platform to tackle important and often difficult problems. The technical adviser has also been able to advise and guide staff in the best practice use of the ArcGIS Platform, develop and document operating procedures for solving problems, and has allowed the organisation to leverage the broad and deep knowledge of Esri Australia as a whole for ongoing and continuous improvement.

In implementing new Esri applications and software in your organisation, contact the Esri Australia Training Team to discuss a solution that will ensure long lasting success for all staff using the ArcGIS Platform.

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