Ozri 2015 GIS Generations

Tips and tricks for ArcGIS for Desktop

With ArcGIS for Desktop being such a complete piece of software with tools to suit a diverse range of professions, it’s easy to see how those of you new to GIS and Esri can quickly become daunted by all the options available. This is what today’s session was all about. With Richard and myself being able to combine our years of experience as ArcGIS for Desktop users we could give those of you new to the software, and even those with some more experience, a few of our favourite little tips. And hopefully you can take this knowledge away with you to improve some of your day-to-day workflows.

Top tips and tricks for ArcGIS Desktop

If you weren’t able to attend the session, here are some of the key highlights:

  • Discovering new tools such as the Pixel Inspector, created custom tool bars and found new ways of navigating the Table of Contents
  • Preparing your data for editing, controlling how features are created and some simple shortcuts to speed up common editing tasks
  • Geoprocessing and environment settings and how they can streamline your workflow
  • Creating Map layouts with dynamic text as well as creating your own custom legend patches to make your maps stand out as your own.

So, when you get back to the workplace give some of these tips a try – they might make some of those tasks a bit more efficient.

Kym J

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