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Getting your data noticed – Essential mapping apps

Len Olyott and I presented Essential mapping apps for geocentric organisations, it was a great presentation to deliver because it covered five key apps that can help you get your information out into your organisation and beyond, which is important, because the GIS is a system of record and a key platform and you want it to deliver value.

As I was working on the presentation it really brought back the eternal question – how do we value the GIS in our organisation? By the number of data sets held? The number of maps requested? Or perhaps even the value of the real world items represented in the datasets? All good measures. But what about the business value of getting the data out to a wider audience – even an audience that didn’t know they could get to the data, let alone access it in a way that meets their needs.

So there you are working away, constantly delivering an existing GIS capability to your organisation. All around you the field staff, client teams, customer services staff, managers and executives are all busily delivering to their customers as best they can using your maps and data, but they need more – more access to data and maps, and they need it on their smart device, and they want it from you.

The requirements are straight forward: multiple devices, native apps, common tasks yet configurable for different business areas.

Your response: Hey, I’m busy over here working away delivering that GIS capability everyone uses, updating data, doing analysis, and making those PDF maps and everything else….. How am I going to do this, what are my options to get it out there?

The best part of the presentation: Showing you the options.

We showed four options, now there are other options, but you’re busy so let’s start with the essentials. The four native applications to that will run on multiple devices – Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS – are:

Oh, and there is one tool that helps you deliver your corporate apps as native applications to your smart device: App Studio for ArcGIS

Okay, so those are the options. How do I get them out there?

I demonstrated the work flow for preparing your data in ArcGIS Pro and then how the native apps are configured with web maps from your portal – either ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. Users then access the apps on their device using their portal user identity to create, share and use data for their role.

Job done, a similar work flow for you, the GIS professional, but a greater outcome for the users and especially your data. So if you want your data to escape the back room and get some visibility of your hard effort, the Essential mapping apps for geocentric organisations can get your data noticed, and increase the value of your GIS now.

Daniel H

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