Ozri 2015 GIS Generations

So you’ve got the technology, let’s really unlock the potential

One thing I have learnt over the many years I have been in and around the GIS industry is that technology is rarely the barrier to success. To be truly successful you have to plan for it.

But that also raises another question – what does success look like? Every organisation is different, so you need to tune in to yours and listen to what is being said.

We have heard there is an increasing trend towards ‘self-service’ – whether that relates to how you build your hamburger, or enabling other ‘less technical’ staff to create their own maps.Do it yourself

So this is where we need a plan – a plan that helps your organisation unlock the potential you have discovered in your GIS.

This is all about creating a strategy to transform your organisation, and launch your location platform.

There is a tried and tested approach to launch your location platform you can follow. It is a set of resources and a five-step methodology to help you identify the workflows and areas of your organisation which could benefit from utilising GIS. This is about switching your focus to the business problems which exist in your organisation.

Be curious.

Be a GIS evangelist.

Make the connections between what the senior management focus on, and how GIS can help them solve their problems.

Launch a location platform in five steps

There is a wealth of examples where your peers have trodden this path, and we can provide you with these resources and support you through each step.

As a follow-up to Ozri, I would be keen to hear about your own journey, and will be looking to create a community of interest for customers planning to embark on the path (and those who have done so already).

Nigel M

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