Introducing the Portal – unlock your GIS potential and share

Directions LIVE

When I was a child, my favourite stories were about magic portals to another world – stepping through a wardrobe or looking-glass into a land of wonder and adventure.

In our working lives, we can have portals too – a place to share information, work together and discover unique insights about our business information. Traditionally working with geographic information has remained the domain of trained professionals using high-end Geographic Information System software to analyse spatial patterns in data and create useful information products for a business.

For most users, the closest they got to this process of spatial analysis was the map: paper or electronic but mostly just a visualisation of their information on a map.

As an included ArcGIS for Server extension, Portal for ArcGIS changes all this. Enabling Portal for ArcGIS creates an interactive content management system and collaboration platform for your organisation where indivuals can create and share geographic information in a way that makes sense to their business workflows.

Direct Insurance AGOL

Users can work with spreadsheet information and share maps with their organisation without leaving the software products that they are familiar with.

Field workers can access authoritative content on smartphones and share their information in near real time. Executives can view performance dashboards from their tablets and GIS professional can share organisation-wide geographic information.


If the idea of lighting up your organisation with WebGIS and delivering a contemporary productivity platform sounds appealing, make sure you don’t miss our session: A GIS portal for your entire organisation at Directions LIVE.

Len O

Directions LIVE is currently travelling around the country until Tuesday 12 May. If you haven’t registered for your local event, visit the Esri Australia website now.

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