Tips for Sharing Content in Seconds

Directions LIVE

Sharing Content in Seconds is the last session in our technical program for DirectionsLIVE, and this is definitely a case of last, but not least! This session will reinforce the concepts presented in the rest of the program, and give you some tips that you can start using immediately.

If you’re involved in any kind of major event or natural disaster – as an ArcGIS user – you know your information products are in high demand, and critical to decision making.  In this scenario, we’ll look at Rapid Damage Assessment following a Cyclone Event.

Where are the areas with the most damage?  Where do we need to deploy response teams?  Where is help needed?  What’s the progress of the field teams? Location is key in answering these questions, and the information best communicated via a map.

But it’s not as simple as just creating a map – particularly when the data is changing as rapidly as the event is unfolding, information needs to get quickly in and out of the field, and the people that need to see the up-to-date information could be the public, internal or even your executive decision makers.

There’s been shift from the one-size-fits-all GIS viewer approach to less complicated, focused maps and apps designed for the spectrum of use cases that exist in this scenario.  The ArcGIS Platform supports this trend, by providing an integrated framework to rapidly deploy authoritative information products to users via your organisation’s portal, recognising that they don’t all need to have access to the same map or app.

Operations Dashboard Vie

The workflow that we’ll demonstrate includes tips for publishing your authoritative information (including Basemaps) to ArcGIS Online, tricks for streamlining the process of getting information to and from field teams using Collector for ArcGIS, and advice for deploying configurable, focused applications that leverage the same content (no data duplication, and near-real time updates) for other users.

Alex G

P.S.  You don’t have to be in the midst of a Cyclone to leverage these tips for sharing content – your ‘major event’ could just be that disorganised colleague not giving you enough advance notice prior to their very important field trip!

Directions LIVE is currently travelling around the country until Tuesday 12 May. If you haven’t registered for your local event, visit the Esri Australia website now.

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