ArcGIS Open Data & CKAN

ArcGIS Open Data makes it easy to share your data to any CKAN site by providing a catalog in the DCAT standard.  If your interested in what this looks like, just append /data.json onto the end of any ArcGIS Open Data site, such as VicRoads.

Syndicating data from your ArcGIS Open Data can help make your CKAN instance more powerful by providing downloadable data formats (shp, kml, csv) and APIs (Geoservices, WMS, Esri Rest, GeoJSON) all from your original ArcGIS services. Better yet, the downloads you make available will always be up to date because they have a live link to the source data. By using Open Data as the backend for a CKAN instance, you’ll provide more options and better service to your end-users so they can focus on using your data.


We are seeking to work with the relevant CKAN portal owners within Australia to make it easier to seamlessly syncrhonise between the two portals, so to avoid you managing data in two places.

Please get in touch if you want more information on integration between ArcGIS Open Data and portals such as CKAN.


3 thoughts on “ArcGIS Open Data & CKAN

  1. Simon Jackson

    The team behing have done some testing and have added the ability to harvest ArcGIS Open Data sites using the DCAT Spec. This is still in their test environment but hopefully in their next release. PM me for more details if you want a hand setting anything up on the Esri side.

  2. Simon Jackson

    Those who want to integrate with, please take a look at the Open Data Toolkit docco from department of finance:

    Ensure you have applied the relevant creative commons licences to your items, tidied up your descriptions, tags, titles, field aliases, etc before setting up the harvest. Please contact sjackson at esri australia for more help if need be.


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