ArcGIS Pro 1.0. Resolving issues with licensing and transitioning from Beta to v 1.0

ArcGIS Pro was made available for Beta testing in May 2014. That initial release was called Beta 1 and since that time Esri users have participated in an extensive beta testing exercise, which helped the software developer to fix bugs, add new functions and prepare the new ArcGIS Pro software to be released as an integral part of the brand new ArcGIS 10.3 suite.

The latest beta version that the users have been testing up until last week was ArcGIS Pro Beta 5 and the final set of Beta licenses expired on the 17th of November 2014. If you’re currently experiencing problems with launching ArcGIS Pro or signing in to ArcGIS Pro using your ArcGIS Online (AGOL) account, it is likely that you might need to either replace ArcGIS Pro Beta with ArcGIS Pro 1.0 or you need to update the licenses on your ArcGIS Online for Organizations account.

Let’s consider both scenarios.

Scenario #1. You’ve been testing ArcGIS Pro and the following error message is now appearing when you try to open ArcGIS Pro:

Solution: You need to uninstall ArcGIS Pro Beta, download ArcGIS Pro v 1.0 and install it. See below for details:

  1. Uninstall ArcGIS Pro Beta.
  2. Download and install ArcGIS Pro 10.3 Pre-release.
    – Navigate to
    – Sign in using your ArcGIS Online for Organizations account
    – Navigate to My Organizations > Products
    – Download ArcGIS Pro v 1.0 (Pre-release)
    – Install the software. For system requirements and installation tips, refer to the ArcGIS Pro Install guide:


Scenario #2. You have installed ArcGIS Pro 1.0 (pre-release) but any attempts to initialize the app and sign in to ArcGIS Online end up with the following message:


The reason for this error message to appear is that your organization may still be using the Beta licenses for ArcGIS Pro.

There are two possible situations:

#1. Because you had both beta and pre-release licenses and all of these licenses were assigned to users, you now have more Named Users assigned than you have licenses. If this is the case, you may have exceeded the number of available licenses and therefore you cannot sign in to ArcGIS Pro.

Solution: The user Administrator should login to ArcGIS Online for Organisations and review the licenses for your organisation.

  • Sign in to AGOL as Administrator (organisational account)
  • Navigate to My Organization > Manage Licenses
  • Verify the number of total licenses and available licenses (total and for each individual product).


If there’s enough licenses available under your AGOL organizational account but a particular user still can’t log in to ArcGIS Pro v1.0, you will need to revoke and re-assign an ArcGIS Pro license for that particular user account. Here’s an example of how to achieve that:

a. To revoke licenses, click on the row, which contains the username:


The username will appear on the right-hand side in the Selected Members list.

b. Hit “Configure”


c. In the next window, hit Revoke All licenses:


The licenses should now be revoked:


d. To re-assign the ArcGIS PRO licenses to the user, hit Configure Licenses. Assign the appropriate level of licenses and extensions:


e. Hit Assign.

To test whether the license has been assigned correctly, open ArcGIS PRO 1.0 and sign in using the login and password of the user that has just been assigned with new ArcGIS Pro 1.0 licenses.

#2. You had ArcGIS Pro beta licenses, but never received your pre-release licenses. This is the case with a limited number of customers under the Enterprise License Agreement. If you’re concerned that your organisation is in this category, please contact Esri Australia to have this issue sorted out.

Organisations that participated in ArcGIS Pro Beta testing program were provided with access to additional beta software trial licenses. Those extra licenses were showing on the ArcGIS Online for Organisations account and sometimes could cause some confusion. On November the 17th these extra beta licenses were removed and now your AGOL account should be displaying the correct number of ArcGIS Pro licenses that your organisation is entitled to. Please contact Esri Australia technical support team in case if you think that the number of available ArcGIS Pro licenses showing on your organisation’s AGOL page is incorrect.

I hope you will enjoy using the new ArcGIS Pro 1.0!


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