Ozri 2014

Ozri 2014 – Real-time analytics with GeoEvent Extension

I am a big fan of playing with real-time data and integrating it with GIS, so was really chuffed to find my name down against the GeoEvent Extension talk at Ozri.  The focus of the session was not so much on the fancy front end visualistion of real-time GIS data, but more about showing how GeoEvent Services can be configured to perform on-the-fly processing with the incoming streams of data.  The key message we hopefully got across was that GeoEvent Extension is not just about listening to a feed and moving points around on a map.  It can do a whole lot more…

Overview of the GeoEvent Extension

I was also delighted to see that I was going to be co-presenting with Kate Levy, a colleague from our Canberra Office.  Whilst I have had a lot of fun with GeoEvent Processor, from mapping out tweets and instragrams, to spying  monitoring the locations of staff inside our Sydney office, Kate has actually been involved with some more serious use-cases of GeoEvent Extension, so was interesting to see her demo GeoEvent Extension for a Maritime Risk Assessment.

I pre-recorded one of my demos into a screencast.  This is a fairly basic demo where I run through some of the processors that you can make use of within a GeoEvent service.  I wanted to use an actual feed over simulated data, so I wired this up to the NSW Rural Fire Service RSS feed for Major Incidents.

Click to Play Screencast

Hope your all enjoying Ozri!  Those that could not make it, please feel free to get in touch with your account managers if you want to know more about how GeoEvent Extension could be used within your organisation.

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