Ozri 2014

Best practice in cataloguing, organising and disseminating imagery

Imagery is used widely throughout the GIS Industry. It is generally used to provide context and detail to vector maps. However, imagery goes beyond the visual representation – it provides analytical information as well. It is timely, it can be used to see how an area of interest changes over time. It is analytical, it can be used to measure land coverages or measure heights of objects.

Imagery is becoming prolific, and so managing, displaying and disseminating the data to the end user is becoming important. The mosaic dataset and image service are formats that Esri has created to aid in the consumption of these image sources. Esri has built search tools and analytical tools into ArcGIS Desktop to take advantage of these formats.

On the web, the Image Discovery portal, available from GitHub, allows users to interrogate, analyse and download image data from the published image sources. In addition, the ability to cache the services delivers significant speed improvements over the standard image services while providing access to the analytical components of the imagery.

These technologies make ArcGIS the platform for your image management, and analysis.

Gordon S

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