Ozri 2014

Getting Started with the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

Ozri 2014: Getting started with the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

One of the really interesting products to emerge in the latter part of this year has been the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder. The Web AppBuilder allows customers to design and configure fully featured web applications targeting the ArcGIS API for Javascript in a similar way to the Flex and Silverlight app designers.

We covered numerous topics during our presentation, from an introductory view of the designer right through to a high level discussion on building custom widgets. The key aspects of the presentation included:

  • Designing your App

Simon demonstrated the ease of designing an application using the Web AppBuilder designer, highlighting the sophistication of the built-in widgets that are already in the product. Todd then highlighted some of these widgets with an editing workflow performed on an iPad.

  • Sharing, Publishing, Securing

Simon illustrated how ArcGIS Online can be used to share web applications via the concept of templates, allowing a single application shell to be created from which other delegated staff can configure applications to target their specific use-cases.

  • Customisation

Todd discussed the concepts of Web AppBuilder customisation from the perspective of designing new themes, representing the layout and style of the application, as well as widgets for delivering business logic. Simon also demonstrated the simplicity of composing web apps that integrate with geoprocessing tasks.

Simon J & Todd J

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