It’s time to get on board and set up your profile on GeoNet!

Hi everyone,

Most of you all have already probably noticed that Esri has transformed their old support forums into a new and exciting community endeavour – GeoNet.

GeoNet Logo

So what is GeoNet?

GeoNet is the place where you can share, chat, and collaborate on all things Geo. It’s your chance to connect with other geospatial enthusiasts around the globe. GeoNet is more than just a new forums location. Forums now are only a part of a larger community. This community is there as a tool to help you, the GIS user. You can upload files, collaborate on documents, upload files, write blog posts, share videos and much more.

So what are the cool new features of GeoNet?

Well the first thing you will notice when logging in with your ArcGIS account is a recent activity feed. Here you can see all the most recent updates from everyone in GeoNet – similar to a twitter or Facebook feed. The next big tick from me is your own profile page. Here you can upload a profile pic, create an avatar; add a bio about yourself and note your skills and expertise.

New Feed - GeoNet

You will also notice a point score icon in the header pane of your profile page. Here is where you can earn points and complete missions such as responding to a question in the GeoNet community. The more points you earn, the higher level you progress towards. Also increasing your array of digital merit badges from completed missions for you to display when your profile pops in a feed for others to view.

Badges and Points - GeoNet

Collaborate – Places and Groups to connect

In the community there are places you go to collaborate. These places are generally named for a specific topic or purpose. There are three main places available: spaces, groups and projects. Alternatively you can also create your own personal container. Each place can contain multiple types of content including discussions, documents, blog posts, polls and other content types. Those who follow a place will receive notification of new activity and can get engaged in conversations.

Place - GeoNet

Geo Spatial-enabled – What would a Geo community be without a spatial component?

GeoNet allows its members to put themselves on a Map. You can easily see the distribution of community members across the globe. ArcGIS Online is also integrated within the community though the bang app (!app). You can embed publicly shared maps within contents as a thumbnail with a direct link to the live map. This opens up a new channel to share and create conversations around you maps. In a future release of the community, the bang app will also give you the ability to geotag your GeoNet content. This will provide a way to visualize and query content based upon location.

Map GeoNet

So get started – join GeoNet!

You can get started in the community by logging in with your ArcGIS account. Once in the community you can begin by Updating your Profile, Creating Custom Streams and begin Searching. There is so much to explore in GeoNet, so if you would like to know more don’t forget to check out GeoNet Help.

Enjoy the adventure; I look forward to seeing you in the GeoNet community.


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