Taking Collector Offline with your basemaps

So by now you would have heard that Collector for ArcGIS (Android & iOS) has the ability to work offline in a semi connected mode. The means that not only can you take your feature service data offline for field inspection but also you can cache the Esri Basemaps. This provides terrific access to your data within a basemap spatial context.

But what happens if you have your own cached basemaps that you want to use. Well there are two way you can achieve this.

1) In the first method you use your own tiled (cached) map service, being served from ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 and is registered with ArcGIS Online or with ArcGIS Portal. In the service ensure the option “Allow clients to export cache tiles” is selected and that you use the “Limit export cache to” setting to define the maximum number of tiles a client can request at once.  With this complete simply add the basemap to your web map and Collector will download your basemap tiles.

2) In ArcGIS desktop create a tile package.  Connect your device running Collector for ArcGIS to your computer. If it is Android just drop the tpk into the ArcGIS_Collector folder. If it is iOS you need to use iTunes on the computer. Click on the Collector App in the iTunes Device->Apps and at the bottom of the screen you should see File Sharing-> Apps->Collector Documents. Click Add File… and add the tpk.

Now when you go offline you should see all the available basemaps that have been synced with the App that you can utilize.

Happy Collecting


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