Go Pro with ArcGIS for Desktop!

Esri Inc. has recently announced the release of the ArcGIS Pro, the latest addition to the ArcGIS for Desktop product family.

ArcGIS Pro raises desktop GIS to a new level by providing the GIS professional with both the essential and the advanced tools to create, manage and analyse geospatial data in 2d and 3D.

At this stage, the new ArcGIS Pro application is available to all ArcGIS for Desktop users. Once downloaded users can test the beta version of the application and contribute to the official Beta program.

ArcGIS Pro represents a seamless environment for data management, editing and analysis. Users can organise their work into projects and use the geospatial data which is stored locally or access the contents shared via ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.

ArcGIS Pro comes as a full 64-bit application, which supports multi-threading and has a convenient user interface, which provides users with an instant access to the tools, database connections and allows to quickly switch from a 2D map to a 3-dimensional GIS scene.

Don’t worry if you already have ArcGIS for Desktop installed on your computer; ArcGIS Pro is not intended to replace ArcGIS for Desktop. That’s just another powerful tool that Esri provide you with to get the maximum from your GIS data. You can install ArcGIS Pro Beta on the same machine as ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.x and run these two software packages in parallel.

To get started with the ArcGIS Pro Beta you need to jump to the following website http://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app and sign in using your ArcGIS Online for Organisations account.


Then you will need to press YES to join the Beta Program


You will need to confirm your username, contact details and accept the license agreement.


After that you will be redirected to the ArcGIS Pro resource page and you’ll be able to download the software:


If you have a valid ArcGIS Online for Organisations subscription, you won’t need a license for ArcGIS Pro Beta.

Check the system requirements here and install ArcGIS Pro Beta on your computer.

Launch the application and sign in using your ArcGIS Online account.


Start a new project and add some data.


You can use the existing GIS data, Map documents, Scene Documents or try the tutorials which Esri has published for the participants of ArcGIS Pro Beta program.

Go Pro and let us know what you think about this new application for GIS professionals!

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