Disconnected editing in Collector for ArcGIS v10.2.2. Part 2: Go offline!

My previous post which can be accessed here has guided you through some of the new features that had been introduced in the new Collector for ArcGIS v 10.2.2 release. The most important function that we considered was the ability to enable the disconnected editing workflow and the previous blog was all about the data preparation stage.

Now that we’ve enabled a web map for offline editing it’s time to test this new functionality in the Collector for ArcGIS app.

Let’s go through some of the major stages of the new disconnected editing workflow in Collector 10.2.2.

1. Open the Collector for ArcGIS app on an iPhone or any other supported mobile device. The map that was created on the DataPrep stage (discussed in the previous post) should be visible in the MyMaps list.

Just to recap: I am still using the scenario with the traffic accidents that I will be capturing in remote areas using the Collector for ArcGIS app.


Note the cloud icon on the right – it tells me that the map is available for disconnected editing.

If you’re going to an area where there’s no 3G/4G network coverage, then you need to download your map to your mobile device.

1. Press “More”

2. In the dialog that appears on the screen choose “Download”


3. Select the area of the map which will be downloaded to your mobile device.

In my example I will download the area along Warrego Highway, west of Roma (last year I couldn’t catch a good 3G signal there).


Note that the software shows you the size of the data that it’s going to download.

4. Hit download button and wait until the data is downloaded. You can view the process if you switch to the On Device tab.



Once the download has completed you can go ahead with the disconnected editing. The icon on the left should be showing the thumbnail assigned to your webmap on ArcGIS Online and it should also indicate that your map was loaded to the device.



Hit More and open the map.


Note other options that appear on this menu, such as Sync. We’ll use it later…

5. Capture points, lines and polygons. No network connection will be required as you’ll be using the data that was checked out and uploaded to your iPhone.

I collected one point, changed the attributes and hit the Save button. The new point was saved on my iPhone (even despite I had Wi-Fi and 3g connection at that moment).


The system will also inform you that there is a new feature waiting to be synchronized with the feature service:


6. Synchronise the changes.

This step is very important as it allows you to upload all the features that you’ve collected in the disconnected editing mode to the feature service running on ArcGIS Online.

Press “More” and choose the Sync option.


This operation becomes available as soon as you reach 3G/4G network coverage and it sends the data straight to your ArcGIS Online for Organisations (AGOL) account.

Once synchronised the map will show some information about the last update submitted to AGOL:



7. Open your browser and navigate to www.arcgis.com. Sign in and browse to “My Contents”

Open your web map and make sure that all the features that you synchronised are present.



Please feel free to contact Esri Australia support team in case if you are experiencing any problems with setting up this new disconnected editing workflow. We will be glad to help you!

1 thought on “Disconnected editing in Collector for ArcGIS v10.2.2. Part 2: Go offline!

  1. Terry Bartlett

    Ivan…..good stuff…..I thought you might be interested to know my company, MarshallGIS, designed and developed an ArcGIS Mobile application (GeoKNX Mobile) that supported connected, disconnected and intermittent connection editing back in 2003/2004 time frame using ArcEngine/ArcObjects(Rev1), SOA, Windows .NET Smart Client technology (Rev1) targeted to the new Tablet PC technology. We also integrated our mobile app with Hansen & Maximo Work Orders and Service requests so field staff could receive and complete WO & SR as well as capture asset updates directly into a geodatabase while performing their day to day maintenance operations (similar to your police senario). We still have plenty of customers using our application today……..why you might ask…..A. Esri only recently figured out how provide a mobile app that can be connected or disconnected and companies like Infor and IBM still do not provide their customers with a mobile app that includes an ArcGIS map.


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