Got ArcGIS Desktop? Go get ArcGIS Online!

Directions wraps up its final stop at Hobart today.  I was lucky enough to be on the tour and it was a lot of fun travelling to the various stops and getting to talk to ArcGIS users and see how they have been using the technology.  Some of the projects I heard about actually make me quite envious on how your doing some really valuable work with ArcGIS as opposed to just cooking up demos! (I work in pre-sales).  For a full summary of the event, go check out this wrap-up over on the main Esri Australia blog.

Josh Venman is an excellent presenter. He kicked off every event with a great presentation on how GIS is not just for the GIS team anymore.  I think it took him around five minutes to take some raw data on insurance customers, geocode it up, serve it up to ArcGIS Online, and then serve it up to the Summary Viewer template to allow a CEO (that has no idea about GIS) to whip out his/her iPad and easily see their customers mapped out as clusters and some dynamic metrics around the customers as you pan the map.  A takeaway message from both Josh’s and the rest of the Esri presenters talks, was that the ArcGIS Online platform is something that as ArcGIS users, you should be taking a look at it and seeing how it can benefit your organisation.

Did you know that if you have a license for ArcGIS for Desktop, you are entitled to be part of an ArcGIS Online Organization Plan. Every Desktop license on maintenance counts as one Named User for the plan. Alternatively, if you want to implement Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS for Desktop licenses on maintenance are entitled to be part of the Portal for ArcGIS Named User license.  This gets you 100 credits each (renews on maintenance rollover) to start using the ArcGIS Online platform.  We did send out emails to those that have ArcGIS for Desktop to activate their subscriptions, but from looking at our records, it looks like only around 20% of  Desktop users have activated their FREE subscriptions.

So – if you have an ArcGIS Desktop license and your on maintenance but are unaware about this, no time like the present:

  1. Contact our Customer Service Care team.
  2. Paste this:

Hi Support

I believe I am currently an active ArcGIS for Desktop user, and would like to activate my entitled ArcGIS Online for Organisation account please.  Can you please send me the relevant token for me to activate.


Don’t have an ArcGIS for Desktop license or not paying mainteance? No problemo. Go sign up for a free ArcGIS Developer plan.  This gets you 50 credits a month FOR FREE.  I use mine as a playground to work with ArcGIS Online and services like GeoEnrichment, spatial analysis, geocoding, routing, and the new GeoTrigger service.

Web GIS is the best way for GIS professionals to share their ArcGIS for Desktop work with non-GIS users.  People are eager to use maps but are not necessarily ArcGIS for Desktop experts. In fact, people expect to be able to find and use maps right from their own consumer devices, like a smartphone or tablet. People also expect to be able to take maps and use them as a starting point for their own creations and purpose. Web GIS enables all this, and now as an ArcGIS for Desktop user, you have the ability to take the lead in your organization. You have the power to create interesting and useful content, tell amazing and compelling stories, and share those stories in informative and novel ways.

Already looking forward to meeting more of you at Ozri later on in the year!




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