In search of Doctor Who (travels with ArcGIS server, episode 3)

Last episode galactic federation had stopped with the one server but there is still more to explore in the box.  We have seen our ArcGIS for Server published from and managed by both ArcGIS Desktop and Server Manager in a browser and used from various Portal for ArcGIS clients.  It was noted that we also chose a federated server to act as our portal’s hosting server.

With Space to spare in the box, what Relatively new discoveries And functions can we explore this Time by adding In the extra Dimension of a hosting server?


The ArcGIS Server was configured before becoming a hosting server with a Registered Managed Database which must be an Enterprise Geodatabase.

ArcGIS Server Data Store

ArcGIS Server Data Store

Portal setting Hosting Server

Portal setting Hosting Server

The new dimension we have now added is that the portal can now serve features as well as maps which we saw previously.

Taking this new feature for a spin

This time we have a private supply of location data in a local CSV file we will upload to our portal.  So we Add the new item (file) to my content with some tags to make searching easier.

Portal Add Item File Upload CSV

Portal Add Item File Upload CSV

Portal Add Item File

Portal Add Item File being published as a Feature Service by the Hosting Server

We will want to Edit the data about this item such as the Description, but now that there is a hosting server we have a new option to Publish an Item from our content.

Portal new Item details

Hosting server provides publishing option

And the publish creates a new item from features within the CSV file (or some other types of file).

Portal new Item Feature Service

Feature Service hosted item in portal

Editing the Feature Service item in portal allows us to add some more details and control the editing of the features.

Depending on which client of Portal for ArcGIS you are using you can map (and have more control of the symbology), edit and analyse these features.

Show Contents of Map options for Feature Service

Show Contents of Map options for Feature Service

My Map editing

My Map editing

Esri Maps for Office search

Esri Maps for Office search

Esri Maps for Office analysis

Esri Maps for Office analysis

My Hosted Services in ArcGIS Desktop

Using My Hosted Services in Catalog

And this was possible by using the hosting server and its enterprise geodatabase.

ArcGIS Server Manager hosted folder

Features uploaded to portal are served from managed enterprise geodatabase

Will B


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